Here at flashback entertainment we provide entertainment and hire products that will keep the memories flashing back for years to come. We offer high quality services that can be tailor made to suit any occasion while promoting your event or venue at the same time.

Whether you are planning a wedding ceremony, a corporate function, an engagement party or a birthday, we can help add that extra element of fun to the celebrations. With our stylish photo booth, your guests can take amazing pictures of themselves to remember the happy occasion.


Create a flashback memory with our amazing Photobooth capturing your special occasion through the day and or night as it unfolds, and have a copy of all photos during the occasion placed in a Flashback memory book that will provide you with some memorable flashbacks of your occasion, we also throw in a USB stick for you to share photos as you please, with the added security of your photos never being lost.

Take your kids party/event to a whole new level and have a character from your favourite kids show at your event or combine with our photo booth with all the latest backgrounds of the best characters to have instant photos.

Money grabbers can be something you can have at a wedding as a key feature or as an added extra to entertain the kids or even to bring a little bit of fun and competition to your wedding party.


Want something different for your event then the Photobooth or money grabber is for you.

Photo booths are fast becoming the new way to promote or advertise your event or venue through social media activity. Photos are taken by us all to capture that flashback memory and to share others with your experience. Help others capture that moment with us and add some photo branding so when shared on social media though our booth your guests and everyone knows where it was taken.

Meet and greet events are something to have people taking about prior to an event or something for an amazing launch party, but why stop there! our booth can give your guests instant photos that they will be eager to share through social media which with your logo branding added to it will get your venue or event noticed and something for everyone to talk about.

Our Money grabbers will no doubt make you stand out from the crowd and in doing so draw in a crowd at any venue or event, with its flashing lights and intriguing look, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase and introduce people to your event or venue. Take this opportunity to inform people and introduce them to your venue or make a showcase where all contestants get free entry or freebie when the winner of most money grabbed gets VIP treatment next time they visit you.


Our slick and stylish booth has been designed with business in mind and Photobooths are fast becoming the way to promote, advertise and increase your business through social media activity at events.

Promote your business with your logo brand which can be added to our 6×4 photos or with a fun flyer or promotional offer give away, or really make an impact with a keyring. We will create albums on our social media sites for employees and or  guests to share far and wide.

Team building is key in any business and working and having fun together reunites your team to bring a happier more productive work force, the money grabber is perfect for this, it brings fun and laughter for all at an event or a midday team building exercise. notes, money, vouchers or whatever form of grab items can be use to promote your business or engage with some fun with your team.  

Brand our booth with as much or as little of your own graphics as you wish. (Add costs)