Cash Grabber Hire Wrexham

cash grabber hire wrexham
July 16, 2018

Cash Grabber Hire Wrexham

One of the most fun items in our collection is our Cash Grabber Hire Wrexham service, which is a fully portable “Grab a Grand” style money machine. This concept was made famous by the television show “Crystal Maze” and, just like the show, the aim of the game is to try and grab as many gold/silver notes as possible.


The game brings out the competition in all and the fun and laughter creates a great atmosphere!
Our Cash Grabber Hire Wrexham service brings Fun, laughter with a touch of competition;
Who can grab the most cash in a limited time!
Did you ever dream of stepping into the Crystal Maze Dome?
Our Cash Grabber Hire Wrexham service gives you the chance to experience just that!
Step into the Wrexham Cash Grabber cubicle for guaranteed fun!


Check out this LINK to our promo video and more information about our exciting Cash Grabber Hire Service Or Click Here for a list of our prices. 

cash grabber hire wrexham

Our Cash Grabber Hire Wrexham Service can be used for a variety of events from:

Team building exercise, Birthday parties, Weddings, Corporate events, Promotional parties and much, much, more!
Our Wrexham Cash Grabber is available to everyone and anyone of any age that wants to join in the fun.
It’s a great way to attract attention and draw in the crowd at any event or business promotion.
We have some mind BLOWING! deals for Weekly hires for any business wanting to draw in huge crowds.


If you want to make your event stand out, or wish to offer your staff something a little different to relieve day to day stress, then book us today.
If you want heads turning and people talking about your event, then choose the Wrexham Cash Grabber.
We have done lots of events with our Wrexham Cash Grabber and every time it’s been a huge hit.


SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? If you want to make your Event or special occasion stand out from the rest, our Cash Grabber Hire in Wrexham does exactly that! Get In touch today to enquire or to make a booking!