Cash Grabber in Manchester

Cash Grabber in Manchester
January 8, 2016

So our first 2016 Cash Grabber in Manchester event is nearly upon us.

The event is in a secret location and is sure to create an amazing evening!!

Our Cash Grabber in Manchester brings Fun, laughter with a touch of competition;
who can grab the most cash in a limited time.

Did you ever dream of stepping in to the Crystal Maze Dome?

Our Cash Grabber in Manchester gives you the chance to experience that!

Step in to the Cash Grabber in Manchester cubicle for guaranteed fun:

Cash Grabber in Manchester

The 30 second count down begins with a fan circulating cash notes, your challenge is to to catch as many as you can as they whizz by. Flashing colourful lights add to the excitement of this unique entertainment for guests.

Cash Grabber Video

Cash Grabber in Manchester

Our Cash Grabber in Manchester can be used for a variety of events from;

Team building exercise, Birthday parties, Weddings, Corporate events, Promotional parties and much, much, more!

If you want heads turning and people talking about your event, then our our Cash Grabber in Manchester is the one to choose.

We are available across the UK with our main counties being Wrexham, Cheshire, Flintshire and Denbighshire.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions you may have.

When you hire Flashback Entertainment that’s what you get: amazing flashback memories and amazing entertainment products.

We also have an amazing PhotoBooth and professional Shelter Tent thats available to hire, these are great for all occasions inside or out!

If you want to make your Event to stand out, then what are you waiting for ?

Get In touch today to enquire or to make a booking ?

To hire our Cash Grabber, PhotoBooth or professional Shelter Tent contact myself Andrew on 07738362467 or Email the team on or make a booking on our booking form.